The Course

Becoming The Local Girl: How to Create Your Own Online Media Business

It's something so common.

I get it. I've been there.

You have an online platform and social media followers, but you are struggling to make it a full-scale — or even monetized — business.

You’re tired of just posting for free or trade, and trying to figure out how to monetize or create a local community — all without burning yourself out.

Or, you might work in media or marketing, so you understand the *gist* of what a media brand or platform does, but need help with the tools to create one.

There’s actually a method to creating an online media publication and platform

That’s why I’ve created The Local Girl Media Group, an educational and content platform and network that will empower people all over the world to create community through a media platform and brand of their own.

We’ve created a course to guide you through the process, regardless of where you are in it.

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About the Course

Learn how to create a sustainable business, monetize it, and become the go-to in your community.

I’ve been there, and I’ve done this – from scratch. I was working a corporate job, and simultaneously created two successful hyperlocal brands called The Hoboken Girl and The Montclair Girl in the last decade with an audience of millions — using no investors or overhead, and now have a team of 5 full-time editors + 30 freelancers who are a part of our hyperlocal community.

In our busy media world now more than ever, hyperlocal is the future — people want to support their local neighborhoods and connect, even in a busy social media world. 

They need you to connect them to experiences, things to do, fun content, and loving their local community.

In this course, you will learn how to create and monetize your brand in a strategic way — a brand that you not only love, but are passionate about and just need the tools to succeed.

In 6 weeks, at your own pace, you’ll learn:
  • How to monetize your brand sustainably and successfully
  • How to grow your audience organically and build community
  • The ways to operate a business with organization and strategy
  • Programs and tools to help you operate as a full-scale business
  • A proven success model and easy ways to organize + implement

Plus, get valuable tips and tricks about: